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Our Philosophy


Conowingo-Rising Sun Christian School is a homeschool oversight program and ministry under the supervision of The Church of God of Prophecy Rising Sun Inc. and was established in 1991.

As such and as part of our ministry, CRSCS requires that each student engages in a biblical and/or Christian religious program of the parents choosing and belongs to a local church. This could include religious education classes, bible study (formal or informal), church clubs, etc...  Please note on your enrollment application which church your family is affiliated with.  Any changes in church affiliation can be noted on your annual Renewal form, along with any other pertinent changes.


The school allows parents the freedom to educate their children in the way God has appointed, while also fulfilling the Maryland State legal requirements under our supervision.


The school has generally imposed the minimal supervisory requirements allowed under Maryland State Law upon the families enrolled with it.


Parents have been given full control and responsibility for their home school program. Each family chooses, purchases, and implements the materials to be used in the education of their children and the school does not require any particular curriculum or plan of study.


Additionally, the school does not require its families to cover every subject, every day throughout the year. The family decides how and when materials are covered.


The school does, however, require that each family keep a portfolio of samples of each student’s work to show “regular thorough instruction” in the required courses as required by Maryland State Law. Details regarding the portfolio and the required courses are further discussed in this document under Portfolio Policies.


It is the school’s desire that all families who enroll with Conowingo-Rising Sun Christian School do so with the intention and commitment to homeschool for the long term. The school does not see homeschooling as simply a quick fix solution to a short term family situation. Therefore, our policies have been established with this expectation in mind.

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