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Financial Policies

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Tuition Fees


Tuition fees are to be paid in full and are not deferrable. Tuition fees are charged on a per-family basis, not per student. The amount of tuition due will be based on the postmark date and the date that all enrollment requirements are completed.


Fee Type


Fees are as follows: 

New Family Enrollment Fee $ 100 per family/enrollment

Renewal Tuition Fee is a sliding scale as follows (this is based on all documentation being returned by the postmark date) -

April $ 85.00 per family April 1 - April 30

May $ 95.00 per family May 1 - May 31

June $ 105.00 per family June 1 - June 30

July $115.00 per family July 1 - July 31

Late Renewals (after July 31) - $150.00

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Tuition Refunds: When a family is removed from Conowingo-Rising Sun Christian School for failure to abide by school policies or for failure to make a tuition payment, no tuition refund will be given. Tuition refunds will not be given once a family has completed the application process and has been approved for enrollment.

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