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Enrollment Tenure


Conowingo-Rising Sun Christian School offers enrollment on an annual basis. The annual school year begins on August 1st and continues until the family concludes their annual school year or until July 31st, whichever comes first. In order to re-enroll with CRSCS, each family must be in “good standing” and must annually submit a Portfolio Review Form, Renewal Form, and Tuition Payment. Failure to follow the proper re-enrollment procedures will be grounds for automatic withdrawal from the school.


Enrollment Periods and Deadlines


Conowingo-Rising Sun Christian School has two types of enrollments. New Family Enrollments are available year-round and Currently Enrolled Family Renewals begin April 1st and end July 31st. 


New Family Enrollment Requirements


1. A New Enrollment Application must be completed in full, signed by both parents or guardians (unless a single parent), with all appropriate fees attached and returned to our office. Enrollment Applications may be obtained by calling the office or may be downloaded from this website under FORMS.


2. A Pre-Enrollment Telephone Conference must be conducted with all prospective families before a family can be enrolled. Conowingo-Rising Sun Christian School will contact you upon receipt of your enrollment application to complete the Pre-Enrollment Conference. If you have not heard from us within 7 days after mailing your enrollment application you should contact the school office. During the telephone conference, items such as curriculum selection, portfolio requirements, and other enrollment issues will be discussed. 


3. Each family is responsible for abiding by the Maryland State Law requirements for a family that wishes to homeschool their children under the supervision of a nonpublic school (also known as an Umbrella),  such as Conowingo-Rising Sun Christian School. According to the law, “a parent or guardian who chooses to teach a child at home shall sign a statement on a form prescribed by the State Department of Education”, which is called the Assurance of Consent Form. This form “shall be submitted to the local superintendent at least 15 days before the beginning of a home instruction program”. The Assurance of Consent Form can be obtained from your county school board of education or on this website under FORMS. Do not submit this form to the Superintendent's office of your county until AFTER you have received acceptance into our program. 


Currently Enrolled Family Renewal Requirements


1. Portfolio Review is conducted annually. Details for completing a portfolio review are discussed in the “Portfolio Policies” section.


2. The Renewal Form is also completed if your family plans on homeschooling during the next school year. It must be completed in full, with all requested updates signed by both parents or guardians (unless a single parent), and postmarked by the due date with your tuition payment. Failure to do any of these things can cause the renewal application to be denied and returned to the applicant. An updated renewal form will be sent to each family every March. This form is important since it is used to notify the school districts of current students enrolled in our program.  Failure to complete and return this form will delay your student's enrollment processing and reporting to the local school district, as required by Maryland State Law.


3. If any of your family’s information changes, it is recommended that you notify your local county school board of such changes.


Enrollment Withdrawals


When a family withdraws from Conowingo-Rising Sun Christian School during the school year, it is the responsibility of the parents to promptly notify CRSCS in writing. If a family withdraws during the renewal period, the renewal form should be submitted with an indication of withdrawal given in the proper section. A completed Portfolio Review Form must also be submitted along with the withdrawal notice. If a family withdraws without giving proper notice or documentation of work completed, they will not be withdrawn in “good standing” and will forfeit any opportunity to re-enroll in the future.

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